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The purpose of this web site is to serve as the primary communication medium for section members or MLA members interested in joining the section. This web site also introduces visitors to the work and interests of the CIS Section.

Another purpose of this web site is to promote the skills of health sciences librarians working in a corporate environment. We invite you to browse through this site for information about the section's activities. Comments and suggestions about this web site can be directed to Vicki Harden, MCG Health, LLC, vicki.harden@careguidelines.com.

MLA Annual Meeting Award Announcement

The purpose of the CISS Annual Meeting Award is to assist members in need of financial aid to attend the annual meeting of the Medical Library Association. CISS Executive Board members will rank the applications and decide the award recipients based on eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant must currently be employed as a medical librarian.
  • The applicant must be a current CISS member or institutional member but may not be a member of the CISS Executive Board.
  • The applicant must attend the MLA annual meeting.
  • The applicant must attend the CISS business meeting.
  • Applicant must complete an application form including a 200-word statement answering the question, “What do you expect to gain professionally and/or personally by attending the MLA annual meeting?”

Application and information can be found here.
Applications are due March 1, 2014. 






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