1. To provide a home for MLA members working in the corporate environment

2. To create a place within MLA for corporate information services, and for sharing the corporate perspective with all MLA members

3. To offer a global focus to MLA as many companies have branches in other countries


CISS History

May 25, 1998

An open house was held during MLA's centennial meeting in Philadelphia to discuss the formation of a corporate information services section of MLA. The convenors were Jean Demas, Alliance of American Insurers, and Jim Shedlock, MLA Board of Directors and Northwestern University. Around 50 people attended the meeting. There was great interest in the formation of a section as a means of retaining MLA members who work in the corporate environment or work independently, and currently do not feel there is a "home" for them within MLA. In addition, it was stated that there is a need for a corporate environment voice to be heard within MLA. MLA members from the corporate environment attending the annual conference need to show corporate leaders why they are attending MLA. With a corporate section - there will be programs of interest to this group.


March 17, 1999

A petition was posted on MLA-Focus to solicit a minimum of fifty signature from the Association's voting members for the formation of the Corporate Information Services Section. The purpose of the section would be:
1. To provide a home for MLA members working in the corporate environment.
2. To create a place within MLA for corporate information services and for sharing the corporate perspective with MLA members.
3. To offer a global focus to MLA as many companies have branches in other countries.


March 31, 1999

The petition was submitted to Section Council.


May 18, 1999

The Proposed Corporate Information Services Section held a meeting during the MLA annual conference in Chicago. Sixteen people attended the meeting. An update was given on request submitted to Section Council for the formation of the new section, and feedback being received from the various sections as they discuss the proposal for the new section at sections' business meetings. It was stated that there is a need in MLA for a place for non-hospital, non-academic, and non-clinical members. In addition, currently in MLA the emphasis is on "type" of library. The proposed section would help get the Association away from that emphasis and move towards what kind of services are provided.


February, 2000

Section Council and the MLA Board approved the formation of the Corporate Information Services Section.


May 9, 2000

The first Business Meeting of the Section was held during MLA's annual meeting in Vancouver. Highlights from the meeting include: Jan Schueller volunteered to prepare the Bylaws; Jim Shedlock and Tovah Reis prepared a slate for elections; Jean Demas promoted section membership. It was decided that for 2001, the Section should not try to do its own program but be a co-sponsor. Penny Coppernoll-Blach volunteered to be Program Coordinator for 2001 and contacted the Hospital Libraries Section to be a co-sponsor for their program: What's an Information Portal and Why Should I care? It was unanimously agreed on $15.00 Section membership dues for 2001. The listserv would move to MLA Headquaters, and a web site would be developed for the Section.


October, 2000

First article about the Corporate Information Services Section appeared in MLA News. It was submitted by Jean Demas.


March, 2001

Elections were held for Section officers.


April, 2001

Second article about the Section appeared in MLA News, submitted by Jean Demas.


May, 2001

CISS ~ MLA web site launched before the 2001 MLA Annual Meeting, Orlando.

The Business Meeting was held May 27, 2001 during MLA's annual meeting in Orlando, FL. Highlights from the meeting include: The Section has 47 members. One half (1/2) are new members who were not the original group that set up the section. The new members and students are coming into CISS through Internet access. The Bylaws for the section were approved.
For the first time CISS co-sponsored a program along with Hospital Libraries, Collection Development, and Educational Medical and Technologies Sections and Internet SIG. The program was "What is an Information Portal and Why Should I Care?"

February 2002

Membership is up to 55 people.


May 2002

The Business meeting was held May 19, 2002. Highlights include: The Treasurer's report indicates that the Section has over $1,000, and Jean Demas, one of the Section's founding members, was elected chair.

CISS for the first time was the sponsor for a Section program. It was on on competitive intelligence. Co-sponsors were the Pharmacy and Drug Information Section and Hospital Libraries Section.

Penny Coppernoll-Blach, representing CISS, was one of Section Council's nominees to the MLA Nominating Committee.

September 2002

The MLA Board, during it meeting on September 19-21, 2002 approved permanent status for the Corporate Information Services Section.October 2002.

According to the Section roster received from MLA HQ, there are 67 members in CISS.

February 2003

There are six profiles of CISS members on the web site: Diane Lin, Jan Schueller, Timothy Rivard, Joan Yanicke, Polly Porter and Dorie Slutsker.

May 2003

During the Business meeting held May 4, 2003 in San Diego, CA., a logo was approved for the Section, and will be added to the Section Council's quilt. A handout about CISS was created and was available at the Section Council table. Mindy Paquette-Murphy was elected chair.

CISS was co-sponsor with Public Services, Health Association Libraries and Research Sections for the program: The Changing Shoreline: Virtual Real-Time Reference.

Tovah Reis, as CISS representative to Section Council, was co-leader with Irene Lovas for the plenary session Wednesday May 7: Mentoring- Sharing experiences for professional growth.



Jim Shedlock, Director, Galter Health Sciences Library - Northwestern University, developed the section's first web site in 2000. To update the web site in 2001, Michelle Volesko, Director, New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) library, offered the assistance of NJHA staff to provide a section banner and other design features. Diane Cooper, librarian at Magellan Health Services, attempted to merge the old web site with the new logo and design but the site was unable to go live. Jim Shedlock prevailed upon Galter Health Sciences Library staff Sergio Jimnez and Michelle Frisque, Head of Information Systems, to re-design the site and provide the technical assistance to bring the site live. Many thanks to all who played a part in developing the section's web site.